This service is great for business that wants to increase their direct recruits and reduce their agency spend, businesses that have various recruitment needs – peaks and trough or under resourced recruitment / HR team that needs a period of support.   We can manage all or part of the recruitment process, tailoring our services to your need.

LSA will work closely with your business, get to understand both your immediate and future needs which will allow us to fill your immediate requirement but also build you a talent pipeline.   You can think of us as part of your head office, adding an extra facility to your company without all the associated overheads such as sick pay and leave.

The Outsourced Recruitment Services are charged on a daily rate and the cost will vary dependant on the size and time of each project.   The daily rate and additional charges (advertising, assessment tools) are agreed up front.

LSA has had great success in streamlining the recruitment process, improving the quality of the candidates coming through, increasing retention whilst also significantly reducing costs.

 Would this service work for your business?  Get in touch with us to arrange a time to discuss this in more detail – or call 01206 266736